Where is our humanity?

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Over the past several weeks, we have been confronted almost daily with stories and images that haunt us, and we must ask ourselves: WHERE IS OUR HUMANITY?

  1. Where is our humanity when hundreds of suffering migrant families and children are being fenced in under a bridge in El Paso, hungry and shivering, forced to sleep on the cold dirt?

  2. Where is our humanity when instead of being placed with their relatives, thousands of children are being held in unlicensed for-profit detention facilities for months on end, where there is no love or warmth and even siblings are not permitted to touch each other?

  3. Where is our humanity when a 9 year old American girl crosses the border from Mexico to the US as she does every day, but because she cannot properly explain herself to border officers, she is detained alone, away from her family for almost 2 days?

  4. How can our country, which claims to be a beacon of light and hope to the world and a nation of immigrants, violate international law by deporting and closing its borders to asylum seekers literally trying to save their lives and the lives of their children, escaping threats of rape and murder in countries overrun by instability and gang violence?

  5. How can this administration then conclude that we must cut off aid to Central American countries instead of boosting their economies and stabilizing their governments, a conclusion that will only lead to higher levels of desperation and instability in those countries?

  6. Where is our humanity when parents who were deported after their children were ripped from their arms were somehow able to make it back into the US to find their children only to be placed in detention, still separated from their children?

  7. Where is the humanity of a government that saw fit to separate what is suspected to be thousands of children from their parents for nearly a year before announcing their separation policy, but never bothered to keep records of these children's whereabouts which may make it impossible to ever reunite them with their parents?

We can do better. We MUST do better. We must demand:

  • Resources be allocated to properly process migrants seeking safety in our borders

  • Humane conditions for migrants while they await processing

  • The closure of unlicensed for-profit detention centers and that the children they are detaining be placed with relatives and sponsors in loving communities

  • We follow our own laws and offer asylum to those escaping danger

We must demand compassion. We must demand humanity.

PLEASE share this post with a friend and let them know about these atrocities. Take action by calling your members of Congress to demand that we strive to be a nation of compassion and humanity and a country that welcomes and values immigrants.


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Shannon McClain